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Our Services

We specialize in climate-appropriate landscaping, offering tailored solutions for sustainable outdoor spaces. From maintenance to renovations and new installations, we prioritize eco-friendly practices and native plant species to enhance beauty while conserving resources. Let us transform your landscape into a vibrant, resilient environment that thrives with the changing climate.

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Lawn Alternatives

In the South Okanagan's arid climate, choices like eco-lawn, bee turf and xeriscaping offer sustainable lawn alternatives. Bee turf supports pollinators with low-growing flowers, while xeriscaping conserves water using drought-tolerant plants like sagebrush and yarrow. These alternatives promote biodiversity and resilience in a region prone to water scarcity.


By incorporating drought-tolerant natives in xeriscape designs, our landscapes burst with vibrant hues, textures, and dynamic movement. From the graceful sway of grasses to the bold blooms of desert marigolds, these resilient plants not only conserve water but also infuse life and beauty into every corner.

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Elevate your outdoor space. From garden bed design to seasonal planting and pruning, we cultivate vibrant landscapes that reflect your style. Our expert team oversees irrigation and landscape enhancements, providing comprehensive care for every aspect of your yard beyond just the lawn.

Traditional Lawns

Keeping the grass? Let us help you make it work better for you. Aeration, power raking, overseeding and fertilizing can make a real difference.

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