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Our Services

At Bourdeaux Land and Landscape, we offer a range of lawn and landscape maintenance and install services to the Penticton and surrounding area communities.


Scheduled mowing and clean up to keep your lawn looking great all season long.  We offer weekly, biweekly or one time mows.


Core aeration effectively perforates the base of your lawn enabling vital oxygen to reach the root system, breathing new life into your lawn.


Bed Rennovation

We love to help you realize your ideas and create beautiful, hassle free beds.  We xeriscape to enhance your outdoor areas, creating vibrant areas that use up to 50% less water & utilize plants that work together to thrive.


Happy turf grass and plant life is dependent on soil health.  We can work with you to promote this using fertilizer programs specific to your needs.  In time we can even get your grass off synthetic fertilizer and on to the natural stuff!



Dethatching is a great way to remove unnecessary thatch in your lawn.  Some thatch is needed in your lawn but too much can lead to problems such as fungal diseases and rot.  Dethatching can let your lawn breathe and allows for nutrients to get through to the soil.


Let's trim your hedges and get them looking great for the season.


Seasonal Clean Ups

Clean up and get rid of all of that seasonal debris paving the way for your turf, trees and beds to look good and have healthy surroundings.

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